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India Jewelry Exporters Indian Jewelry Exporter welcomes you to our online website specially dedicated to Jewelry. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Silver jewelry and gold jewelry. We manufacture 925 sterling silver jewelry and 18kt white gold diamond jewelry and 18kt yellow gold jewelry. We also deal in gems and gemstones. We have latest style and patterns of beads and tumble with us. We also manufacture order base jewelry styles. In which e make special gem stone made by order by skilled artisan and lapidary. We are exporting Indian jewelry to worldwide market form 1996 . we have buyer across the globe. Starting from India to sri-lanka, to Hong Kong, Thailand, china, to Russia. We are exporting silver jewelry to Australia and Russia. Then we have retailer store owners and chain stores in United Kingdom and European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Sweden and many more. We also have some imports of jewelry from USA and South America in Chile and Brazil.

Importing Jewelry is very easy in now in any country. Any thing you order will be sent by either UPS or Speed post. You should b registered by you local government as a valid importer. Then parcel is sent to you . then Ups clear all the things from you and deliver parcel to you. In some countries govt. charge some import duty so please consult to local UPS office for more details. All of our jewelry comes with standard secure ion box packing. So it remains safe from rough handling. And all parcels will be fully insured by our side. We also provide facility of stamping of your own brand name on the items. Like you can say you ant logo of RIYO on all the jewelry then we can put it. We also put 18kt stamp on the entire gold item. And 925 on silver jewelry items. You can also order items in 14kt and 10kt even in 9kt gold. We use each and every type of gemstones. Ranging from Ruby, sapphire and emerald and Diamond. And also Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst, peridot, iolite and Rose Quartz, Blue topaz and much more. We also make jewelry in CZ and glass. We also ok for designers from around the world. In this all your brand designs will be made by us for exclusive use of you. All design ill remain property of you only. Enjoy the playful shades, beauty of assorted stones in one scintillating adoration of diamond and gold jewelry from riyo gems. A woman has the power to bring the world at her feet by using her sensational and innate charm to her advantage. Why not? Make use of this, because not everyone has the power to do magic. A nice diamond jewelry let it work to your advantage We manufacturer and exporter all jewelry for various gift option like Anniversary day gift , Engagement day gift , Graduation Day Gift , Mother’s Day Gift , Promise Ring Gift , Valentine’s Day Gift , Wedding Gift.
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